Hydrating cleanser Infinite by Forever

Infinite Hydrating Cleanser cleanses your skin while hydrating

Hydrating cleanser Infinite by Forever

Hydrating cleanser Infinite to remove traces of makeup and impurities without attacking your skin
The Infinite by Forever hydrating cleanser remover gently removes impurities and makeup while respecting your skin thanks to the natural and hypoallergenic coconut extract, while maximizing the hydration of your skin. You will feel your skin smoother, silky and perfectly cleansed.

Reference makeup remover Infinite Forever: 554

Capacity: 118ml

All you need for hydrating cleanser Infinite by Forever

Are you looking for an effective makeup remover to remove traces of makeup and impurities without attacking your skin? Discover our hydrating makeup remover Infinite by Forever.

Derived from the latest dermatological discoveries and designed by Forever Living laboratories, our infinite hydrating makeup remover by Forever is suitable for all skin types to meet your expectations.

This quality natural cosmetic product will effectively remove all impurities and traces of makeup while hydrating your skin.

With its natural formula and the power of its active ingredients, the Forever Living brand infinite hydrating makeup remover has specific benefits. Rich in sodium glycinate, coconut extract and amino acids, this unique product is not only a simple makeup remover. It is also a moisturizer combining efficiency and pleasure.

The hydrating makeup remover Infinite by Forever, with its soft texture softens your skin, reduces the signs of dehydration, deeply nourishes the epidermis and radically removes traces of makeup and impurities. This natural cosmetic product designed from an innovative formula to strengthen hydration and remove all traces of impurities from your skin without leaving a greasy residue or traces.

Hydrating cleanser Infinite by Forever

Who is Forever infinite hydrating cleanser for?

The infinite range has been designed for all women from 30 years old, the age at which the first signs of skin aging appear. Appropriate advice should be given depending on the age and stage of maturity of the skin.

How to use infinite hydrating cleanser by Forever

Moisten the face beforehand. Apply the Hydrating Cleanser to the fingers, and massage the face and neck using circular movements. Rinse thoroughly to remove makeup and impurities. Gently dry the face by patting with a towel.

Benefits Hydrating cleanser infinite by Forever

  • Removes make-up effectively without damaging your skin
  • Does not leave skin dry and tight
  • Prepares the skin for infinite care

The Infinite Hydrating Cleanser contains ingredients of natural origin that facilitate the suspension of makeup and impurities, and promote their elimination. In addition, it promotes and maintains hydration of your skin for a 2 in 1 action. It cleanses the skin, while leaving it soft and smooth, without drying it out.

Composition Infinite by Forever anti-aging set

  • Infinite by Forever set Infinite by Forever™ targets aging from the inside out with a next-generation combination of nature and science. To create this line, our experts found peptides, natural minerals, botanicals, desert plants and the latest skincare science to not just complement aloe, but enhance its benefits.
    Every product in this routine was carefully formulated to work together in harmony to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the smoothness of skin and support beauty from the inside out. The result is radiant, moisturized and younger-looking skin that feels great all day long. You’ll find these powerful products in every box:
  • Hydrating cleanser Using naturally derived ingredients to increase skin hydration and gently wash away dirt and oil without drying, this potent and nourishing cleanser was designed to lay a solid foundation for the rest of your anti-aging routine.
  • Firming serum  With the power of a clinically proven three-amino-acid peptide, this serum is a breakthrough formula. These amino acids are clinically tested to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase elasticity while conditioning and moisturizing the skin.
  • Firming complex Forever’s first exclusive beauty supplement helps you take control of the aging process from the inside! Two small uncoated tablets taken daily, support multiple internal body systems as well as your overall health and skin appearance.
  • Restoring crème With over 15 different skin-conditioning ingredients, this multifaceted anti-aging formula absorbs fast into skin. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your routine to seal in all the powerful benefits to keep your skin nourished and younger looking.

Composition hydrating cleanser Infinite

  • 35% Aloe vera gel for its unique moisturizing properties;
  • Apple extracts To promote good skin hydration;
  • Sunflower oil Rich in vitamin E, it leaves the skin soft;
  • Active cleansing extract of coconut Hypoallergenic and non-irritant to respect sensitive skin.

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