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Each skin profile, each treatment

Do you want to have a glowing complexion all year round? Wondering what products to apply to reduce the signs of aging and regain radiant skin? Do you want to buy the best skin care products to fight effectively against external factors? If so, you've come to the right place! Find out how to effectively improve your skin's condition, whatever its type. 

The different skin types

Providing the right skin care for your skin means knowing its type and characteristics. There are 4 skin types: dry skin, normal skin, combination skin and oily skin.

  • Combination skin: Taking care of your skin when it is mixed is not always easy. Its oily aspect, the presence of some impurities in the T-zone (the area in the middle of the face) and its shine, characterizes combination skin. The cheeks are often dry.
  • Dry skin: Dry skin is skin that lacks hydration. This skin is quite sensitive (lack of lipids) and not very elastic. Dry skin needs to be nourished and well moisturized with quality creams and cosmetic care.
  • Oily skin: Presence of excess sebum and dilated pores. Oily skin is characterized by its thickness and shine.
  • Normal skin: It is the perfect and ideal skin! Normal skin is neither too dry nor too oily. It is able to resist external aggressions provided it is nourished deep down to remain smooth, soft and without imperfections. 

How to choose the best products for your skin?

Most skin care products are made up of water, oil, an emulsifier that brings them together, to which are added active ingredients and often compounds of chemical or biological origin. You have surely tried a lot of products for your skin!  The world of creams, serums, lotions and cosmetic products is a fairly vast universe where many brands exist. Making the right choice to have a perfect skin is often a real headache!
Several criteria must be taken into consideration in order to find the right skin care product suitable for your skin's needs. The criteria to which you should pay particular attention before buying a skin care product are: composition (ingredients), high-risk components (allergens), pH of the product, harmful elements (of chemical origin), and the needs of your skin.
An excellent quality skin care product is characterized by its pH close to that of the epidermis. You get the picture! Having a beautiful skin has never happened by chance.
In order to regain a toned, impurity-free and perfectly smooth skin, you must say "GOODBYE" to ineffective skin care products and go for top-of-the-range aloe vera cosmetic products instead!

Natural cosmetics with aloe vera

Aloe vera is famous for its high concentration of vitamins (A, E and B), minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and sugars.
Since the time of the pharaohs (Cleopatra), aloe vera gel has been used as the basis for the manufacture of many cosmetic ranges.

Do you want to be certain that your skin care products are effective and based on aloe vera?
Choose the face care products available on our website Aloe vera Forever which offers you a selection of the best skin and face care products.
Knowing the type of your skin is essential to be able to choose the product best suited to your needs. Some people with oily skins think they have dry skin, when it is simply dehydrated.

Do you want to have a glowing and perfect skin?

The face is the reflection of the soul. This is why we provide you with top-of-the-range natural cosmetic products so that you can find your happiness, whatever the type of your skin.
You can't decide between the different Forever care products with aloe vera? We invite you to answer these various questions!
The natural cosmetics Forever with aloe vera are the fruit of many scientific researches. True elixirs of beauty and youth, our Forever care products have proven their effectiveness on thousands of people. Give your skin natural care products for an extraordinary result!

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