Aloevera Forever, Forever independent distributor

Aloevera Forever, Forever Living products distributor

Good morning to you reading this chapter,
My name is Michel; I am an independent distributor of Forever Living Products.
This site,aloevera Forever wellness and beauty is the story of a lifetime, of personal convictions and a desire to share with you and our team, natural products based on aloevera for your well-being and beauty.
Ever since I was a child, I had been wondering how our ancestors used to treat themselves. Indeed, I've always known about antibiotics and Gaviscon.
However, be careful, I am not questioning these drugs, nor our modern medicine, but if we can relieve ourselves with natural products, then we might as well take advantage of them.
In life, we all have dreams from childhood; mine were to have lots of friends, to start a family, to enjoy my loved ones. Nevertheless, as time goes by, dreams fade away, through our beliefs, our lifestyles, quite simply. But one of my qualities is to never, ever give up.
I am curious by nature and all my life I wondered how our ancestors were able to heal themselves without using modern medicine, what was the healing power of plants, until one day, in an organic fair, I discovered aloe vera and its exceptional benefits on my biggest concern, digestive disorders, eating was becoming an ordeal, a torment and after a few months of aloe vera treatment everything changed, I regained my appetite.

To take control of my life and not let others manage it for me.

All my life, I worked in a big company, I devoted my time, my health, fatigue, stress and years went by. One day, you wake up wondering what you have left to work on to finally enjoy life, not waking up in the morning to go to work, spending your time in transports or traffic jams, difficult month ends. I aspire to enjoy life, to be recognized for the work I do and to choose the people with whom I want to surround myself. After some time, I discovered network marketing or MLM or relationship marketing through Forever products. I started by getting to know the products, then the business and that's when I said to myself, this is the right thing for me.
My dream is to work with friends, to help others, to support them and especially to create a real community to help each other (don't worry, I'm not a Guru). That's why our website Aloevera Wellness and Beauty was born.

Your vision

If you're here, you're either looking for Forever products or you're looking to get into network marketing. Know that you are at the right place, you will discover through this site advices, tips, and also the support you are looking for both on the products and the business. Our approach is not only to earn money, but it is also and above all a personal enrichment, to create a real relationship, interactions with our customers and friends and to develop a true community of solidarity and unity.
Alone we go faster, together we go further

You're probably wondering why you should work with Aloevera Forever?

  • I've been working in this MLM business with Forever for over 10 years now.
  • I mainly expand my business on the internet through Aloevera Forever.
  • I created a completely customizable website for our team (for those who wish to hold meetings as well as for those who wish to work from home).
  • I have set up online training courses that can be accessed from home, completely free of charge, on MLM, social networks, Internet and I will guide you step by step in the creation of your own business.
  • This site is not only mine but also yours, you will have a personalized contact page with a contact form that will be intended for survey as well as for the products.