Forever Living products

Forever Living products, the story to the men and the dream

Forever Living Products starts with a man with an ambitious dream.
For years, Rex Maughan has been searching for an idea to build a business that would combine the two biggest goals of his life: becoming healthier and being financially free.
In 1978, he found what he was looking for and invited thirty-four people to the first Forever Living Products presentation in Tempe, Arizona.

This presentation was the beginning of a journey towards an outstanding achievement.  Rex Maughan and his pioneering sales partners quickly realized that many people were looking for new solutions to improve their well-being, and were attracted by the opportunity to exercise more control over their time management while generating revenue.
The dream of Forever Living Products quickly became the dream of millions of people. The quality of its products and the simplicity of its payment scheme enabled many retailers and consumers to change their lifestyle.

Forever Living Products, a quality brand, a lifetime of success

Aloe vera Forever plantations are located in the United States, in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic, locations that are favourable to the blossoming of Aloe Vera thanks to optimal climatic conditions.
Cultivation, harvesting, pulp extraction, stabilization and packaging: each step of the Aloe Vera Forever gel manufacturing process is controlled to meet high standards and perfect quality.
Forever products have been granted the International Scientific Council of Aloe Vera (IASC) label.
This IASC label is renewed every year after inspections. It guarantees that the Aloe Vera is cultivated with a concern for sustainable development:
  • Aloe Vera is grown without fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides
  • Aloe leaves are cultivated and hand-picked.
  • Pickers have a decent pay.
  • Aloe leaves are picked at maturity (between 3 and 5 years).
  • After harvesting, the fields are fallowed.
  • Forever transforms the bark of the leaves (the green part) into compost and bio fuel for the tractors.
  • Forever reproduces its seeds and goats eat the weeds.
Therefore, the IASC label surpasses our European BIO label and it doesn't just certify the land, it also controls that the water and air where the crops grow are not polluted.
This label also certifies the purity, the quality of the Aloe Vera gel in Forever products, i.e. "100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel" of the highest quality.
Forever's Aloe Vera leaves are carefully handpicked to avoid any deterioration and then immediately transformed into gel near the farms.

An equitable compensation system

Forever Living products' compensation plan is simple.
It is based on the principle of word-of-mouth; you promote the products you are consuming yourself and talk about the relationship marketing activity to anyone who wants to increase their income, or wants to start their own business.
With this principle, you can sell the products and get a commission directly, and also help other people to earn extra money with network marketing.
Thus, you will be able to increase the number of partners you have by helping them do as you did and Forever will pay you a commission on their turnover.

Our values

If I've been in relationship marketing for over 10 years now, it's not mainly for the money but for the values it represents to me.
You can't succeed in this MLM business without helping others succeed
You can't have loyal customers without accompanying them and developing a true sense of relationship.
Mutual support is undoubtedly one of the keys to success in MLM.
Do you know about many companies that, in order to be successful, must help their employees to succeed and earn money?
I do not,
That's why I've been in this network marketing business with Forever for over 10 years now.