Weight management

Get fit and fight shapes with Forever FIT programs

Forever Living's FIT programs have been designed and developed by nutritionists to provide you with everything your body needs to cleanse your body with Forever's C9 program, to lose weight with the FIT1 program to lose weight and the FIT2 program to stabilize your weight while providing you with the foundations for a healthy life and a balanced diet.
Indeed, our modern lifestyle and poor eating habits cause disorders in your body on which the well-being and the form depend and it is for this reason that the FIT programs of Forever are today essential.
To finalize the FIT programs, you will find there the Vital 5 program, the aim of which is to provide you with all the elements to maintain well-being and vitality every day throughout the day.

Forever’s Clean 9® program

Forever’s Clean 9® to purify your body by eliminating toxins. Results appear from the first days

Weight program F15 chocolate

Allows, in 15 days renewable, to acquire good food bases and lose weight.

Weight program F15 vanilla

Allows, in 15 days renewable, to acquire good food bases and lose weight.

Forever FastBreak

Forever FastBreak Ideal combination of proteins to bring you significant satiety until the next meal

Forever lite ultra

Forever lite ultra To avoid succumbing to cravings and help people achieve their goal

Forever VITAL5 program

VITAL 5 Forever is developed by nutritionists and scientists to bring you well-being and energy on a daily basis