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Aloe vera is a medicinal plant known in the veterinary environment since the XIX century in England. The part used "the pulp" is the mucilage filtered and stabilized cold (to preserve all its virtues) and containing a very small part of sap.
The mucilage of Aloe vera, plant water rich in nutrients, is an ideal dietary supplement, closest to the plant in its natural state. This characteristic makes it an ideal drink for your pet.
Aloe has been known since ancient times for its healing properties of the skin. It is the first use described and recognized in all countries where the plant grows naturally.
The scientific publications which study this action are numerous, some relate to the horse and all agree on the improvement of the quality and the speed of the cicatrizations brought by the local application of mucilage of Aloe vera.
Recent studies have shown that Aloe vera accelerates 6 to 8 times the production of fibroblast cells that make collagen.
In addition to its soothing and penetrating qualities, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it an essential product.

 General properties of Aloe vera:
  • Provides essential nutrients to the nutritional balance of horses, in a particularly assimilable form.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal action.
  • Regulatory action of the immune system by stimulation of T lymphocytes and macrophages.
  • Healing action of the cutaneous and digestive epithelia in particular.
  • Regulates digestive transit and stimulates appetite.
  • Contributes to the shine of the hair and the quality of the hooves.
  • No side effects and no contraindications with allopathic treatments
  • Products not tested on animals
  • All Forever products are certified non-doping.

Forever Aloe Vera Juice

Forever Aloe Vera Juice is traditionally recognized for its digestive, fortifying and reconstituting properties.

Aloe berry nectar

Aloe berry nectar powerful natural antioxidant and to maintain healthy urinary tract and recommended for the first births.

Forever Freedom

Forever Freedom Protection of joints on animals and reduction of genes linked to joint pain in elderly animals or tromatisms.

Forever bee propolis

Forever bee propolis to help the body strengthen its natural defenses.

Forever Garlic Thyme

Forever Garlic Thyme is recommended for • relieving minor digestive upset

Aloe First

Aloe first, its soothing, softening and revitalizing properties give them intense relief.

Forever Aloe Hand Soap

Forever Aloe Hand soap is gentle and can be used to clean wounds before applying an antiseptic or a healing product such as aloe jelly

Aloe jojoba shampoo

Aloe Jojoba shampoo is also suitable for your animals with a neutral pH, it respects your pet's skin without irritating it

Aloe vera gelly Forever

Aloe vera gelly is a hemostatic gel and first aid treatment for all types of wounds or irritations.

Aloe propolis creme

Aloe propolis creme , known for its regenerating and healing power, associated with propolis, protective, make this cream a real repairing care

(*) Aloe vera Forever est tenu d’indiquer: Hydrate les couches supérieures de l’épiderme