First aid Forever

First aid Forever Discover power of nature for you'r care

Why are Forever aloe vera products so effective as first aid products? Forever products aim to protect your skin, moisturize it (*) and regenerate it. Aloe concentrates most vitamins, including A, E and group B, those that affect the skin and hair. Aloe is also rich in all the essential mineral salts: phosphorus, potassium, calcium, chlorine, iron, zinc ... In short, aloe, by its composition, has very interesting properties for your skin: healing, cell regeneration , skin hydration (*), anti-inflammatory, antibiotic. All the molecules composing our natural cosmetic products, or care creams, are extracted from plants selected for their positive effects for your beauty. This is why Aloe Vera Forever offers you a range of natural cosmetics with aloe associated with natural plants to bring you complete satisfaction and thus meet your expectations.

Forever Aloe Lips®

Forever Aloe Lips® is designed to soothe and smooth dry, chapped lips while conditioning and protecting to ensure your lips look and feel Forever kissable.

Aloe First® Spray

Aloe First, with a balanced pH, offers you a soothing and softening action for irritated or sensitive skin.

Aloe propolis creme

Aloe Propolis creme combines pure inner-leaf aloe vera gel and bee propolis. Vitamins A, E and C work to nourish and moisturize the skin

Aloe vera gelly

Aloe Vera gelly moisturizes, conditions and soothes, making it perfect for after-sun care and lubricating sensitive tissue.

Aloe Heat Lotion

Aloe Heat Lotion by Forever gives you an intense moment of well-being and relaxation.

Aloe MSM gel

Aloe MSM Gel relieves and soothes your joint pain and beautifies your skin. Used as a massage gel,

(*) Aloe vera Forever est tenu d’indiquer: Hydrate les couches supérieures de l’épiderme