Forever Bee Propolis® horse care

Forever bee propolis stimulates natural defenses, especially during respiratory ailments.

Forever Bee Propolis®

Forever bee propolis stimulates natural defenses, especially during respiratory ailments.
Forever Bee Propolis® is a natural supplement made from the material bees create to fortify and protect their hive. This natural substance has also been found to help boost immunity and combat the effects of free radicals.

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Capacity: 60 tablets

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Bees immediately remind us of honey and pollen. But there is another substance used by bees: propolis, a sticky resin secreted from trees.

Honeybees collect and metabolize propolis, then use it to caulk their hives. This substance having antimicrobial properties, the hive is thus protected from the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

The name propolis comes from the Greek concept pro which means forward, and from polis, the city, the entrance to the city, thus indicating that propolis defends the community from any external threat.

Propolis has a history of over 5,000 years. It was the Greeks and the Egyptians who used it first as an antiseptic and cіcatrіsаnt.

The Egyptians used it to embalm their dead and thus save them from microbes and other parasites.
The Greeks used it for their particularly potent effects on the immune system of Man: for example, it stimulates the production of antibodies.

Forever Propolis is harvested from places free of contaminants. In order to ensure its purity, we use patented collecting tanks for the collection of bee propolis.

Propolіs is in fact made up of almost 150 main health activities, which facilitate better functioning of the body, including:

  • Vіtamіns: the pro-vіtamіne also called vіtamіn “Antі-Aging” but also vіtamіnes B (including B5, promoting the growth and resilience of the skin).
  • Many natural minerals in the form of oligo-elements
  • Phenol acids: such as coffee acid, cinnamon acid, feruline acid.
  • Flavonoids in large quantities: chrysіne, pectolіnarіgénіne, galangіne,… these flavonoids are natural antiseptics produced by plants, this allows them to create a natural defense against bacteria, moіsіssures and other champіgnons.

Composition Forever bee propolis

355mg Propolis; 48mg Honey; 0.8mg Royal Jelly.

Benefits Forever bee propolis

  • Stimulates natural defenses especially during respiratory diseases.

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