Forever bee honey

Forever bee honey 100% natural honey without chemical agents


Forever bee honey is reputed to provide energy thanks to its richness in sugars is recommended during the winter season.
Forever bee honey is distinguished by its provenance: the high desert plateaux of Arizona and by its aromas, contains many vitamins, minerals and enzymes which make this product a rich supplier of daily energy.

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Capacity: 500ml

How to know Forever bee honey

Forever bee honey, also called “beehive gold”, is obtained from the nectar of flowers. The consumption of Honey is reputed to provide energy thanks to its richness in sugars. It is recommended during the winter season to combat temporary physical and intellectual fatigue.

Honey can be used to replace sugar because it is of much better nutritional quality. Unlike white sugar, industrial sugar with no added value, honey is made up of a mixture of carbohydrates (it contains 38% fructose, 31% glucose, 2% sucrose) and 17% water. , but also many vitamins, enzymes and trace elements.

Another difference, and not the least, compared to white sugar: it has a much higher sweetening power while being less caloric. A spoon of honey can replace two sugars and you provide your body with a quality natural product, healthier and much lower in calories. In addition, because fructose takes longer to digest than glucose, the “kick” effect is delayed.

Forever bee honey has several health benefits. It is a real concentrate of energy, ideal in case of fatigue, loss of tone and even loss of morale. It relieves sore throat and brings sweetness and gluttony.

Differences between honey and white sugar

White sugar

Coming from the industrial world and coming from beet, sugar is transformed into lumps, powder or crystallized, it is the sugar that 90% of people consume.
Refined to the extreme. It consists of 100% sucrose.

From the nectar of flowers, it is rich and alive and it is composed of:
Fructose, glucose, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, hormones, diastases, aromatic substances produced by bees.

Composition Forever bee honey

Arizona Honey is an exceptional product since it is enriched with royal jelly and pollen. It is a multi-flower honey that tastes good and does not cause heartburn.

Benefits Forever bee honey

  • Better nutritional intake than white sugar
  • Delicious and energetic
  • 100% honey
  • Ideal for children instead of white sugar Not suitable for children under 12 months.

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