How to boost your immune system naturally

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Strengthen your immune system
To avoid getting all the germs and to strengthen your natural defenses, some good practices and advice, which are within everyone's reach, can be taken every day. Simple gestures that keep in good health or regain energy.

A healthy diet

To have an effective immune system, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle, starting with your diet. Avoid junk food, taken on the go, which brings nothing in terms of nutrients to your body, or even tires it rather than anything else.
Prefer a varied and balanced diet based on proteins, starches and fruits and vegetables. The combination of all these foods will give the body everything it needs to fight germs.
To purify your body, nothing like starting with our Forever C9 program.

Take vitamin C

In addition to your diet, it is beneficial for your body to have sufficient intakes of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to fight against microbes and infections such as colds for example. It is found in all citrus fruits but also in parsley.
These foods can therefore be put on the menu more often at each change of season.
You can take the Forever Absorbent C in complement

Aloevera Forever advice: Every morning, squeeze an "organic" orange and an "organic" lemon, if this is too difficult to drink, you can add a teaspoon of our Forever bee honey

Take royal jelly in cure

In spring and fall, it is recommended to take a Forever royal jelly cure to boost your immune system.
Rich in B vitamins (B3, B5, B8, B9) and minerals (copper, phosphorus, iron ...), it strengthens your body's defenses, thus preventing winter diseases and increasing resistance to cold.
In addition, royal jelly is known to accelerate recovery from physical or nervous fatigue and improves intellectual performance.

Engage in physical activity

Practicing physical activity means ensuring better cardiovascular fitness, good maintenance of muscle mass, normal blood pressure and weight control.
In addition, physical activity would have a direct effect on immunity by improving blood circulation, which would favor the free circulation of antibodies which themselves would be stimulated during physical exercises.
Depending on your physical condition, you can practice walking, cycling, or other.

Have a restful and quality sleep

It is during sleep that the body "recharges its batteries".
It "repairs" everything that malfunctioned during the day, hence the importance of having a restful sleep and enough hours of sleep on the clock, which is more and more complicated with current lifestyles: to be able to accomplish all his tasks, whether professional or personal, we get up earlier and earlier and go to bed more and more later ...
On average, a night of at least 8 hours is recommended. The best thing is to listen to your body and its needs.
Avoid heavy meals in the evening

Better manage your stress

All the studies converge: a stressed organism is a less efficient organism in the face of infections, all its forces being concentrated on lowering the stress level, with a high cortisol level (stress hormone).
Relaxation and meditation techniques can help your body regain balance and serenity. If the stress is chronic, it is best to consult a specialist to identify the cause and origin of generalized anxiety.
You can also take our natural food supplement Forever royal jelly

Do not abuse antibiotics

Systematic use of antibiotics in case of infections can be comfortable because healing is complete and rapid, but in the long term, antibiotics reduce the immune system by preventing the body from defending itself naturally.
If taking antibiotics is essential, it is useful to take Forever Active pro B probiotics at the same time to prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics and to strengthen the intestinal flora and you can combine it with Forever Aloe Vera gel.

In prevention, you can take our Forever Immunblend which naturally strengthens your immune defenses

Reduce or stop smoking

Smoking increases the risk of ENT infection, atherosclerosis, COPD and lung cancer due to changes in the immune responses induced by smoking.
On the other hand, tobacco reduces the amount of vitamin C in the body, which slows down the process of defense, scarring and healing of the body.
Otherwise, we recommend that you take our vitamin C Forever Absorbent C
In case you want to quit smoking and you are looking for natural products to help you, here are some suggestions:

Limit alcohol consumption

Excess alcohol is bad for the immune system: alcohol passing through the blood, and therefore throughout the body, increases the production of metabolites which have the effect of weakening the immune system and making it less resistant in the face of disease.
In addition, excessive alcohol consumption reduces the supply of good nutrients and vitamins to the body, firstly because alcohol prevents their absorption by the tissues, secondly because the heavy drinker has often an unbalanced diet directly linked to too much alcohol consumption.

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