Aloe Vera Forever ice cube recipe 

Discover our 100% natural Aloevera Forever recipe for a refreshing effect   

Aloe Vera Forever ice cube recipe
The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising. No doubt, summer is here. What encourage us to review our beauty routine to focus on light and refreshing products. Deodorant is king, sunscreen is the star of our day and mists are essential. Among the cosmetics that create a special place in our summer vanity, is the ice cube effect body gel.

After the sun, comfort

Ideal for soothing the skin after a day at the beach and perfect for fighting heavy legs or the discomforts linked to sweating odors for example. What could be better than making it yourself? 
Because it contains an essential oil, this gel is contraindicated for pregnant women. In addition, since peppermint essential oil is powerful, all precautions should be taken. Perform a test beforehand and seek the advice of an expert.

All the ingredients to make our refreshing gel Aloevera Forever

Preparation time: 20 minutes

98% organic aloe vera gel or Aloe First: 92 g or 92 ml
Organic calendula floral water: 5 g or 5.2 ml
Organic peppermint essential oil: 1 g or 33 drops
Organic calophyll vegetable oil: 2 g or 2.2 ml

How to make your refreshing Aloe Vera Forever recipe

Aloe vera and calendula floral water should be carefully mixed in a bowl so that the two blend together. In a separate container, mix the calophyll vegetable oil and the peppermint essential oil. Then just add these two oils to the preparation of aloe vera and floral water. Make sure to dilute the whole with a mini whisk until you get a smooth and homogeneous texture. All that remains is to transfer everything to a bottle or any other container that closes. For an even more fresh feeling, the preparation can be stored in the fridge. Ice effect guaranteed with each application.

Have a restful and quality sleep

It is during sleep that the body "recharges its batteries".
It "repairs" everything that malfunctioned during the day, hence the importance of having a restful sleep and enough hours of sleep on the clock, which is more and more complicated with current lifestyles: to be able to accomplish all his tasks, whether professional or personal, we get up earlier and earlier and go to bed more and more later ...
On average, a night of at least 8 hours is recommended. The best thing is to listen to your body and its needs.
Avoid heavy meals in the evening

Reduce or stop smoking

It is recognized that smoking in no case allows this refreshment, at most to relax after a long day in the sun smoking a cold cigarette.
In case you want to quit smoking and you are looking for natural products to help you, here are some suggestions:

An Aloevera Forever refreshing cocktail recipe

Here is a recipe discovered in Saudi Arabia during a stay for work.

In a carafe, poured sparkling water, add apple slices (or apple juice), a few mint leaves and let steep 1 day before consuming fresh.

Limit alcohol consumption

Excess alcohol is bad for the immune system: alcohol passing through the blood, and therefore throughout the body, increases the production of metabolites which have the effect of weakening the immune system and making it less resistant in the face of disease.
In addition, excessive alcohol consumption reduces the supply of good nutrients and vitamins to the body, firstly because alcohol prevents their absorption by the tissues, secondly because the heavy drinker has often an unbalanced diet directly linked to too much alcohol consumption.

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