Eight great reasons to drink aloe vera gel every day

Discover the benefits of this extraordinary plant that is aloe vera champion of natural food supplements

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Imagine cutting an aloe vera leaf in half and consuming its contents directly. Aloe Vera Gel is Forever's best selling product and contains the highest percentage (99.7%) of stabilized Aloe Vera. You will never find it so pure elsewhere. Around the world, millions of people drink the gel daily and feel the many benefits!

Through the centuries Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been used for its beneficial effects and the virtues of aloe vera gel were already known by many civilizations. After reading the 8 good reasons to drink aloe vera gel, you will understand why aloe vera is also called the plant of immortality ’.

Aloe vera gel for good daily health!

By drinking Aloe Vera Gel, we absorb important nutrients that are often found in too small amounts in our food today. They contain 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the human body, 7 of which 8 simply cannot be produced by the body. 

Drink Aloe Vera juice provides the body with enough substances to make the very complex enzyme system work optimally. This means that you'r body can then function at 100%.
As a result, you feel great and most people will find that they will benefit from greater physical resistance. Enjoy the many benefits of Aloe Vera Gelly every day.

Aloe vera rich in vitamins

Forever Aloe Vera Gel contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements, which is rare in plants. In addition to vitamin A, aloe vera contains group B vitamins (8 in total), vitamin C and folic acid. Many of these vitamins cannot be stored by our bodies and therefore must be constantly supplied through our diet. And what could be better than drinking a dose of Aloe Vera Gel daily, thanks to which we also strengthen our immune system

Aloe vera is rich in minerals

There are a lot of minerals in Aloe Vera Gel like calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. This is due to the fact that this plant tends to grow mainly on soils is rich in this type of important elements. The roots of the plant are able to extract these minerals from the soil and supply them to us through the gel of the leaf of the aloe vera plant.

To be consumed every day, Forever Aloe Vera gel strengthens physical resistance

Inside the leaf is a long chain of polysaccharides (multiple sweet substances). They have the characteristic of helping us to increase our physical capacities, thanks to a good intestinal flora, physical resistance and therefore to fight against unwanted bacteria. The positive effects of aloe vera can therefore be seen when drinking Aloe Vera Gelly by Forever.

Stimulates cell growth

Fibroblasts are important cells found for the skin, the function of which is to make collagen and elastin. These fibers give the skin its structure and also give it a firm and elastic appearance. This is not only interesting from a cosmetic point of view, but also in terms of skin regeneration. Indeed, collagen and elastin "prepare the ground" where new cells can grow. Aloe vera stimulates this process created by collagen and elastin so that the skin regenerates.

For more beautiful skin with aloe vera

When the new skin cells are born in the base layer of the cells, deep under the epidermis, they are still large and full of vitality. After about 21 to 28 days, these new cells - also called keratinocytes - reach the surface of the skin, but are then only a shadow of their previous manifestation. These cells have been transformed into tiny flakes of keratin which ultimately fall off. Aloe Vera Gel contains a blend of essential nutrients that nourish basic cells to keep skin healthy. Thanks to this aloe vera gel, the skin will be able to perform its vital functions more efficiently and will become radiant.

Benefits on the intestinal flora

Aloe vera is seen in all respects as a natural "balance factor". This plant helps to regulate in particular the balance between bacteria and fermentation in the intestines. At any time, people - for various reasons - are likely to develop an imbalance that can lead to intestinal problems. Like Forever Active Pro-B (formerly Forever Activ probiotic) (Ref. 610), aloe vera helps to regularize situations like this.

Aloe for healthy digestion

Good health begins with good digestion. Aloe vera has a very favorable effect on the functioning of the intestines, which allows rapid and efficient transit of the contents of the intestines. Aloe vera therefore strongly contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system and allows good assimilation of nutrients from our diet into our blood system.

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