Aloe first the natural first aid product from Forever

Take care of your skin with Aloe first from Forever

Aloe first from  Forever Living
Aloe First is one of the most multifunctional Forever products. Its moisturizing properties protect the skin from drying out and provide a refreshing effect
comparable to a real oasis of freshness for the skin.

Aloe first, the first care product with aloe vera from Forever Living

Thanks to the large and small format of the vaporizer, you can take it anywhere in the desired quantity. This is the first aid kit to always have near you. You can put the small vaporizers wherever you want: in your handbag, in the bathroom, the kitchen, your sports bag, in the car… etc. A very practical way to always have Aloe First close at hand!

How to use Aloe first

  • In case of sunburn
When your skin has been exposed to the sun for a long time and you suffer from sunburn, then Aloe First can provide you with a soothing and refreshing effect.

  • On the hair
The hair constantly undergoes external aggressions and can therefore quickly become very dry. And, the more the hair grows, the more the tips are damaged
and fork. Use Aloe First daily to deeply nourish and care for your hair. On the scalp in case of itching

  • On small sores
It is an ideal first aid product thanks to its cleaning action. Since Aloe First is a sprayable product, it can therefore be applied directly to damaged skin, thus avoiding touching the sensitized area.

  • On insect bites
Aloe First also has a soothing power against mosquito and other insect bites. It calms and takes care of the skin. In addition, calendula and thyme
are plants with an odor that these insects do not like.

  • After shave
Freshly shaved skin is extremely sensitive and therefore needs to be protected and hydrated. Apply after shaving Aloe First on the skin to
that aloe vera penetrates well into the pores and to avoid any irritation.

  • For sensitive skin
This product has a neutral pH and contains no added fragrances. It is therefore ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Take care yourself naturally with Aloe first

Aloe vera is the essential element of the Aloe First, it represents 80% of its composition. Another important element is water which ensures that the product remains perfectly liquid in order to facilitate vaporization. In addition, Aloe First is a synergy to association of different natural elements with aloe vera for optimize the benefits and power to the Aloe First

The riches of Aloe First

  • Allantoin: it is also a natural component that is already found in the aloe vera plant which helps the skin to regenerate.
  • Bee propolis: it promotes the regeneration capacity of the skin.
  • 11 carefully selected plant extracts including Calendula and Chamomile with cleansing and soothing effects.

Aloe first de Forever Living

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